My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Thursday, 24 November 2011

sorting leaking seals !

Hi i am trying to stop my front fork seals from a bad leak.....on investigation i have realised the fork stanchions are rusty and pitted so i have ordered some new the meantime i have checked the fork springs and they are in good order BUT they have slight rust on them and i want to eliminate all chances of contamination in the fork here is my solution i have put the springs into an old fishing rod tube then filled it with hammerite rust remover here they will stay until I'm ready to fit them.....if you look close at the photos you can see rust coloured gunk in the top of the tube this is the rust and muck coming off them..... the rust remover is from halfords and cost £4.99 it makes up to 2.5 litre of solution i needed less than 1 mix it with water at a ratio of 1 part rust remover to 9 parts water ......i have also filled the fork tubes with it and similar results are happening (the rust is floating to the top)  

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  1. Duplicated this now for mine :-) Posted about it in my D7 thread on the Bantam forum. Thanks for the tip! looking forward to how it comes out.