My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I noticed that when i use the kick start on the bantam the kicker does not return properly this could end up causing damage to the kick start quadrant........ i suspected it was the spring being weak so i needed to i drained the oil first
then removed the exhaust so i could remove the casing ....kicker......gear lever.......and engine bolts
Then removed the clutch using a cheap puller i bought from a diy store this allows removal of the dreaded clip !
As you can see i used my home made engine holder so i could loosen the nut to get the clutch off
Here is the spring....notice there are two slots on the quadrant which the spring can clip into....this allows you to tighten the spring up....unfortunately it had already been set to the tightest i need a new one
This is how it all looks withe the clutch and spring removed
Ever thing laid out ready to be put back ......i have now ordered the spring and await its arrival far this process has taken 15 Minuit's......Also note its worth replacing the spring if you do an engine rebuild as its a biggish job to replace (including replacing the gear oil) all for a £7.50 part  

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