My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Friday, 14 September 2012

clutch tool

Well guys after many clutch spring swaps and clutch plate swaps i decided to hunt down a tool that worked for the job.......originally i bought a clutch compressor tool from t&g and it was crap ......the legs just bent  on it...... then i got the idea of using the 3 legged puller from summers town (from the bantam forum) this certainly was a big improvement but i still wasn't happy i saw one on eBay for about £19 posted .....i emailed the guy and he assured me it was British made and was brand new and would do the job so i bought it.......well i ordered it yesterday and received it today and what a result it does what it says on the tin ......i would recommend one thumbs-up
It came from montys  s classic motorcycles in devon     phone 07899967132

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bantam spares !

Well guys i have had to change my clutch springs as the clutch was slipping ......The last couple of times i have bought some parts i got them from Charles field (Chas) at bantam spares
I have to say the service is fantastic and parts are priced right too.....i ordered the springs on Friday and the parts arrived Monday .....thank you Chas I'm back on the road in no time

Friday, 7 September 2012

Quick update

Well guys i mentioned that i was doing the m.o.t on the bantam well guess what SHE PASSED.....the tester said she was nice and safe and he liked how i have kept the bike original the same time i received the v5 back through the post so i got her taxed and away we go .......I must thank Howard from Bournemouth bantams as he did all the hard work with regards to registering the bike as he is a dating officer for the British two stroke club word on insurance i got mine from E-BIKES this year they were the cheapest by far  and include breakdown cover (this could be vital) Any how i have been for a couple of rides to test my little gem and i have been real impressed with the old bird ....i had a small problem starting her from hot but i think this was because i flooded the carb......the other problem is the clutch is slipping so new springs are on my shopping list .....anyway for now ride safe

Friday, 17 August 2012

been away

Well guys i have been away on my holidays and well deserved in my opinion.....any how the bantam has been sitting in the garage i suspect quite bored with life at the moment and feeling a little neglected........My plan of attack at the moment is to get her registered and m.o.t done as soon as possible....i have already sent of all the paper work of and i am awaiting a response!!!!!!!!! so lets keep our fingers crossed x .......When i get this done my plan is to do some miles on her just to make sure she rides well and all is good with her i will take her out on plenty of short to medium runs over several weeks.....then if all is well again crossed fingers  i will be doing a few mods to her..... i plan to fit a rooster booster to her and some indicators might find there way on there too.....ill be adding some modern bulbs to the front and rear lights and plan to get her running sweet and there should be plenty of pictures and write ups on the way the mean time i will be totting up the cost of all the work i have done so far and i will publish it on here as soon as i have completed it....i hope this gives a good indication of the costs to people and helps them with there budgets......ill list the work i have done and i think both you and i will have a shock to how much has been spent and how much i have done......when the winter arrives i am thinking about doing a full repaint and re chrome to the bike so by next year i will have a fully working and sort of posh bike !!!!  

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

wires !

I did this wiring diagram last year to help me fully understand how my bike was wired up.....
As i did it i realised that the new wiring loom was slightly different a couple of wires were different colors and my tail light was a single bulb it showed two bulbs in the bantam book i had! Any way this might help people work things out ....happy riding

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Now i always look to my manual when I'm working on my pays just to check nothings missing or in the wrong order.......remember there are differences in the various models of bantams !
Notice i printed the pages from the Internet then i put them in plastic covers and in a folder water proof and oil might say idiot proof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!