My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Friday, 17 August 2012

been away

Well guys i have been away on my holidays and well deserved in my opinion.....any how the bantam has been sitting in the garage i suspect quite bored with life at the moment and feeling a little neglected........My plan of attack at the moment is to get her registered and m.o.t done as soon as possible....i have already sent of all the paper work of and i am awaiting a response!!!!!!!!! so lets keep our fingers crossed x .......When i get this done my plan is to do some miles on her just to make sure she rides well and all is good with her i will take her out on plenty of short to medium runs over several weeks.....then if all is well again crossed fingers  i will be doing a few mods to her..... i plan to fit a rooster booster to her and some indicators might find there way on there too.....ill be adding some modern bulbs to the front and rear lights and plan to get her running sweet and there should be plenty of pictures and write ups on the way the mean time i will be totting up the cost of all the work i have done so far and i will publish it on here as soon as i have completed it....i hope this gives a good indication of the costs to people and helps them with there budgets......ill list the work i have done and i think both you and i will have a shock to how much has been spent and how much i have done......when the winter arrives i am thinking about doing a full repaint and re chrome to the bike so by next year i will have a fully working and sort of posh bike !!!!  

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