My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Thursday, 2 February 2012

fitting my exhaust !

Well i thought i would do a quick post on how i fitted my exhaust ...... simple enough to do
This c spanner is just a generic one i bought with two different size c sections it fits other bikes too ! cheap enough to buy as well
Make sure you use a copper ring to help seal the down pipe to the engine a good seal is required
 in my wisdom i decided to use sealant as well.....i had no exhaust cement so i used some very high temp sealant
Nice tight fit screwed tight
where the down pipe meets the silencer i used sealant and a heavy duty clip to provide a good strong seal
job done you can see the exhaust is rusty and i thought i may leave it like this because i want the bike to look its age ....sort of a rustic look......if i were to fit a new one i would just buy a pattern one as they are as cheap as chips........ the other alternative i have is to paint it with high temp paint..... barbaque paint from B&Q is as good as anything but it would be black......although you can buy silver high temp paint too this would smarten it up without braking the bank this space

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