My little Bantam

My little Bantam
D7 1966

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Well guys i have been busy over the last few months and i have not had a chance to work on my poor old bantam.......Any how i have managed to find a bit of time in the last few days so i decided to start her up for the first time since the engine took a little cunning to get her going but she runs really well now ! I have however noticed oil leaking from those forks i rebuilt earlier on in the year so last night i whipped them off and inspected them ......i think i know why they leaked ....i fitted the seals and glued them in place with silicone for a better seal but what has happened is the silicone has got between the fork and the seal causing a leak ! so i have cleaned them up and refitted them while i was at it i have put some fibre washers on the top nuts that hold the springs in place because they were weeping a seems to have done the trick.....I'm hoping the whole thing is not far away from m.o.t ....yippee... i am a little disappointed i haven't got it up and running sooner but with all the bad weather WHAT THE HECK.......i also neglected the bantam forum not having been on for a few months so i had a look and i have to say what a difference its top notch and getting stronger....well done to Stephen (anderzander) who seems to have got things sorted .... i promise ill get some more photos and write ups done in the near future so see you then and happy bantam riding   

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